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1. Can cosmetic dentistry improve the appearance of teeth?

  • Yes, it can. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance the appearance of teeth.
    It can renew and improve the appearance of teeth that are stained, discoloured, or damaged by decay or injury.

2. Why should I improve my appearance?

  • It is important to like yourself and the way you look.
    • Physical appearance matters to us. Most of us want to look as good as possible.
    • Modern medicine and dentistry make it possible for us to improve the way we look.
    • Looking and feeling more attractive can lead to an improved self-image, greater self-confidence and a sense of well-being.

3. Where do I start?

  • Have a discussion with your dentist and explain exactly what it is that you don't like about your teeth, mouth and gums.
    Ask your dentist what changes can be made.

4. What is a smile analysis?

  • The dentist will evaluate all the factors that affect your smile. The following will be considered:
    • How much tooth shows when you smile.
    • The size, colour, shape and position of the teeth.
    • Spaces between the teeth.
    • The condition of the teeth.
    • The amount of gum revealed when you smile.
    • The evenness or unevenness of the gum line.
    • The colour and texture of the gums.
    • The way the lips are supported by the teeth and gums.
    • The way the upper and lower jaws relate to each other.

7. My teeth seem too big for my face. What can be done?

  • Teeth that are disproportionately large can be pared down and fitted with new crowns.
    This will make the teeth smaller, and more in proportion to the rest of your mouth and face.

8. Can anything be done about unattractive, discoloured fillings?

  • Unattractive fillings that have discoloured can be replaced by other more natural looking fillings, veneers or replacement crowns.

9. How can crowded, rotated or misshapen teeth be improved?

  • Replacement crowns are the best way to reshape and change the size of teeth.
  • Crowding will require orthodontic treatment for moving teeth. Braces and other appliances are used.
    Orthodontics has become quite common to correct uneven, crowded teeth for adults

10. Too much gum shows when I smile. What can be done?

  • The gum can be surgically reduced to the acceptable level.
    • The removal of gum may leave gaps between the teeth.
    • These gaps can be closed with veneers or replacement crowns.

11. What is the treatment for an uneven gum line?

  • Surgery can correct an uneven gum line.
    The gum line is the scalloped line formed by the gum where it meets the tooth.
  • The corrective surgery can be followed by the fitting of replacement crowns or veneers.

12. Can the appearance of my red, swollen gums be improved?

  • Infection is the main cause of red, swollen gums.
    • Treatment by your dentist will restore the gums to a healthy pink colour, reduce the swelling, and improve their appearance.
    • If this condition is related to poorly fitting crowns, they can be replaced with new ones to correct the problem.

13. My jaw structure spoils my looks. Can anything be done?

  • A combination of orthodontics (moving teeth with braces), jaw surgery, gum treatments and replacement crowns, can correct this problem.

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